Frequently Asked Questions

What are some considerations when building a new home?
Location, access to utilities, cost per square foot, and design are some of the bigger concerns for our foothills region. The cost of site improvements and utilities can drive the cost of a home up beyond imagination. Long or steep driveways, great distance to electrical/phone sources, home designs that fit the terrain and the environment are crucial, and there is no such thing as a cheap septic system any more. I once advised a client to sell the land they loved—to find another parcel; because their budget would allow for a house or the site improvements; but not both. Plus their lovely land was better suited to a narrow two-story house instead of the sprawling one story they really wanted! That was truly difficult!
How can I speed up the progress on my new home construction?
Know what you want in finish materials at the beginning of the process! If you can picture it in your mind, try to find magazine pictures that convey that—and share it with the contractor and the suppliers early on. It may seem odd, but one must choose the plumbing fixtures for the tubs and showers before the foundation is even laid! Let your contractor know in advance if you are the type that must “see it for real” versus one who can “picture it in your mind”…it will save much grief over misunderstandings and “do-overs”. Choose your materials early or on time; and then stick with your choices if you want to stay on schedule.
What are the first steps I should take when I decide to build a new home?
Find your contractor and the architect or home designer even before you buy the land, if possible. Both these professionals should be people with whom you are comfortable—ones that seem to understand what you want and for what cost. Don’t be afraid to tell both what your budget is and show them pictures of the style and size desired. Ask them to be your reality check at once! Be prepared to change the layout or plans of your dream house to meet the constraints of the land. With the “team” of professionals in place the whole process becomes more enjoyable.
How can I keep within a certain budget for a remodel?
Remodels are typically difficult for strict budgeting because structural surprises happen! We advise our clients to provide a “contingency” fund of 20% over anticipated budget for the extensive remodels we complete—even though we often don’t use a dime of it! Shopping for the finish design and materials such as tile, plumbing and electrical fixtures very early helps you to stay in budget. Be mindful of your contract and how much of the overall budget is in the “allowance category” before you sign the contract. Review the budget with your contractor after demolition and at other key times during the process. Make adjustments to your selected finish materials accordingly.

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